Class 18 – 12 May 2007

Main Texts: Maitreya's Ahisamayalamkara — Ornament for Clear Realizationsthat is an Ornament clarifying the hidden meaning of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras & a commentary on the Abhisamayalamkara by
Acharaya Haribhadra, the Commentary Clarifying the Meaning.
Ven. Kelsang Wangmo — teacher

NEW for Class 18 — portions of Haribhadra Commentary {here} used in class.

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RECAP: Three Turnings of Dharma Wheel — Synopsis

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Student Qs — Q How do people know which is the “highest view”? … You won’t get enlightened if you follow the wrong view? … Q2 When you look it’s a historical development on the outer side. … [what about] the inner side? Q3 Did the Buddha say he gave different teachings according to different dispositions of the students; or was this a later rationalization. . . like rationalization of [e.g.] Christianity? A No one is asking you to believe it … like science . . . in the end we have to have first hand experience but at this point … we are still investigating …always keep reasoning, investigating, checking.

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RECAP: Development of Studies on the Hidden Meaning of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras — Maitreya’s Ornament & Haribhadra’s Commentary . Source Sutras. Explanatory Method of Five Limbs: Purpose, Summary, Literal Meaning, Transition, Objections & Responses. 21 Indian Commentaries

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RECAP: Haribhadra’s text covered in prior classes: Issues re Tibetan translation of Sanskrit text. Translator’s Title and Homage.

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RECAP: Haribhadra’s verses: Homage & Promise to Compose Text. Haribhadra’s "Outer". "Inner" & "Secret" Qualifications to Compose, Subdue Pride & Generate Delight. Transitional phrase to Maitreya’s Ornament: Why Maitreya composed text.

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RECAP: Maitreya’s Praise to the Three Mothers — the Three Exalted Knowers: 1) Exalted Knower of Basis a Mind in the continua of Arya Hearers & Solitary Realizers.

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Distinctions between Hearers & Solitary Realizers (from course materials for Ch. 2 of the Ornament: 1) Hearers/sravaka. Solitary 2) Realizers – a) Rhino-like & b) Sociable. Realizations. Q&A re accumulation of Merit & Wisdom.

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Solitary Realizers – what Wisdom is accumulated per Sutra Autonomy compared to Yogic Autonomy Middle Way School — presentation of Mind Only view of external reality.

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Solitary Realizers: How 3 types proceed on the Path — from the Path of Accumulation and/or Path of Preparation {Heat, Peak, Forbearance, Supreme [Mundane Dharma]}. Three prayers before final birth in cyclic existence. Actualizing Goal.

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Solitary Realizers: Accumulation of Merit; Abidance; Behavior-Demeanor.

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Q&A Which is quickest overall? A) Rhinocerous-like. Q2 How do [Hearers & Solitary Realizers] accumulate merit? Dedication.

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Passage from Haribhadra’s Commentary used in class

1 Meaning of the Title
1A Actual
1A1 Translation of the Title

In the Indian language: Abhisamayalamkara prajnaparamita upadesha shastra vriti

In the Tibetan language: Tibetan Title

In the English language: Commentary on the ‘Ornament for Clear Realizations, A Treatise of Oral Instruction on the Perfection of Wisdom’

1B2 Translator's homage

Homage to all the buddhas and bodhisattvas.

2 Meaning of the text
2A Engaging in the explanation
2A1 Expression of worship
and promise to compose

Reverently I pay homage to the Perfection of Wisdom in order to thoroughly reveal the stanzas of its ornament as being an ornament of all.

2A2 Proving that [Haribhadra] is suitable to compose the commentary
2A2A Proving that [Haribhadra] possessed the outer condition: the oral instructions of virtuous friends

2A2A-1 The way Arya Asanga thoroughly explained

Yearning for migrators, he yearned deeply. Arya Asanga, himself a refuge, having listened to the Invincible Protector, thoroughly explained the great treatise.

2A2A-2 The way Vasubandhu unraveled [the Perfection of Wisdom]

Vasubandhu, a friend benefiting migrators, taking his belief as foremost, thoroughly unraveled through fully relying on objects of knowledge as being internal.

2A2A-3 The way Arya [Vimuktisena] revealed [the Perfection of Wisdom]

Also, he who is called Vimuktisena, who is included among the superiors, having seen that done by [Vasubandhu] as not done [in accordance with the accepted view], revealed with a mind abiding in the middle way.

2A2A-4 The way Venerable Vimuktisena thoroughly explained [the Perfection of Wisdom]

While abiding on the ground of faith the Vimuktisena after him, not finding [complete presentations in] all the treatises, made a thorough explanation in accordance with his own [findings].

2A2B Proving that [Haribhadra] possessed the inner condition: the wisdom which realizes the meanings of the treatise

Likewise, other scholars elucidated [the word meaning of the Perfection of Wisdom]. Only some found [the full meaning] of the treatises. It is amazing that I found it likewise.

2A2C Thereby [Haribhadra] is suitable to compose the commentary

Very difficult to find by [scholars] like them what this profound path is like, found through the power of the [blessing of] Buddha - is suitable to be analyzed by scholars.

2A3 Subduing pride and the reason for generating delight

Although not the object of my experience in all ways, because it accords with achieving merit, I generated delight [in composing this commentary] as I desire to benefit myself and others.

2B Positing the explanation itself 2B1 Expression of worship
2B1A Making the connection

Arya Maitreya thoroughly presents himself as one who accords with holy conduct. By means of his exalted wisdom of individual analysis, he came to understand that the principal cause of attaining all goodness is very lucid faith in the subject of the Perfection of Wisdom. In order for others to generate very lucid faith and engage Bhagavati–the source of unsurpassable and unfathomable precious qualities–shortly, at first, he pays homage to the mother with the preceding [stanza], expressing her excellent qualities just as they are.

2B1B Root text
2B1B-1 The meaning of the words
2B1B-1A Praise
2B1B-1A1 Praising by means of the qualities of the three knowers

That which through the exalted knower of all leads hearers seeking pacification to peace, Which through the exalted knower of paths causes those helping migrating beings to achieve the aims of the world, And through the perfect possession of which the subduers set forth these varieties having all aspects;

2B1B-1A2 Praising how they act as mothers of the four superiors

To the mothers of the buddhas as well as the host of hearers and bodhisattvas, . . .

2B1B-1B Homage

...I pay homage.

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3 pages of Haribhadra's text used in this Term
of the 2007 IBD Perfection of Wisdom Studies course.

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