Class 17 – 10 May 2007

Main Texts: Maitreya's Ahisamayalamkara — Ornament for Clear Realizations that is an Ornament clarifying the hidden meaning of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras & a commentary on the Abhisamayalamkara by
Acharaya Haribhadra, Commentary Clarifying the Meaning.
Ven. Kelsang Wangmo — teacher

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pdf-gif   —   Prayers

0.472 02:0

Bodies of Buddha — [Buddha’s] Own Purpose Body & Others’ Purpose Bodies. Buddha’s two Form Bodies: Enjoyment, Emanation. Buddha’s Consciousness Bodies: Wisdom Body, Nature Body of Natural Purity & Nature Body of Freedom from Adventitious Defilements.

2.567 10:6

Q&A — Emptiness of Buddha’s Omniscient Consciousness

2.030 08:4

Was Maitreya a Buddha or not [when he composed the Ornament]?    Does the Buddha have a wish or not?    Main mind & Mental Factors

3.560 15:1

Is striving for one’s own benefit necessarily selfish?     Are Hearers & Solitary Realizers aiming for self-liberation being ‘selfish’?     What is renunciation?     Striving for Self-liberation contradicts self-grasping.     What about instruction to practice virtue because you will be happier: is that selfish?     Using the self-grasping mind.

3.241 13:5

Maitreya strives for own benefit in order to benefit others.  
Three Perfections of Wisdom:   1) Resultant.     2) Scriptural (100,000, 20,000 & 8,000 Stanza Sutras — the Three Mothers).     3) Causal: the first 3 of the Eight Clear Realizations, i.e., Three Exalted Knowers [Knower of Bases, Knower of Paths, Exalted Knower of All Aspects].

1.495 06:2

Three Exalted Knowers are Truths of Paths, minds in the continua of beings who’ve realized Emptiness directly; the Fourth Noble Truth.   The meaning of Maitreya’s Praise to the Three Mothers — the Dharma Refuge jewel, i.e., the Three Exalted Knowers:     1) Exalted Knower of Basis: minds in the continua of Arya Hearers & Solitary Realizers realizing the Basis (e.g., 16 Aspects of Four Noble Truths - pdf-gif. See Class 19 & Class 20 for detailed presentation.).     2) Knower of Paths.: minds in continua of Arya Bodhisattvas realizing all Paths (in order to benefit sentient beings).     3) Buddha’s mind knows all phenomena, the Exalted Knower of All Aspects

2.844 12:1

Haribhadra's transitional paragraph to Maitreya's Ornament notes that, due to Maitreya's wisdom, he found that the "principal cause for attain all goodness is very lucid faith in the Perfection of Wisdom".

2.766 11:5

Je Rinpoche said Maitreya composed Praise for his own benefit.   Sera Jey textbook author (Jetsun Choegyi Gyaltsen) asserts:   Maitreya is a Buddha.     Does this confuse tantric and sutric systems?     Sera Jey replies:     In reality Maitreya is a Buddha but he appears/manifests as a sentient being.     Compare to H.H. Dalai Lama; Shakyamuni Buddha, Buddhas in our world. Vastness of galaxies and numbers of Buddhas. Dedication


2.766 11:5

Passage from Haribhadra’s Commentary used in class

2B Positing the explanation itself 2B1 Expression of worship
2B1A Making the connection

Arya Maitreya thoroughly presents himself as one who accords with holy conduct. By means of his exalted wisdom of individual analysis, he came to understand that the principal cause of attaining all goodness is very lucid faith in the subject of the Perfection of Wisdom. In order for others to generate very lucid faith and engage Bhagavati–the source of unsurpassable and unfathomable precious qualities–shortly, at first, he pays homage to the mother with the preceding [first stanze of root text, below], expressing her excellent qualities just as they are.

2B1B Root text
2B1B-1 The meaning of the words
2B1B-1A Praise
2B1B-1A1 Praising by means of the qualities of the three knowers

That which through the exalted knower of all leads hearers seeking pacification to peace, Which through the exalted knower of paths causes those helping migrating beings to achieve the aims of the world, And through the perfect possession of which the subduers set forth these varieties having all aspects;

2B1B-1A2 Praising how they act as mothers of the four superiors

To the mothers of the buddhas as well as the host of hearers and bodhisattvas, . . .

2B1B-1B Homage

...I pay homage.

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3 pages of Haribhadra's text used in this Term
of the 2007 IBD Perfection of Wisdom Studies course.

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